Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites Sandwich Structure: Recent Developments and Applications in Civil Infrastructure
Allan Manalo

Developing HOTS with VISSER: Bridging the Need for Science Instrumentation in Philippine Schools
Ruby Agnes Alfonso, John Raymond Pingol, Maria Clarissa Carasco, Aubrey Faith Mella, Ranzivelle Roxas-Villanueva, Giovanni Tapang, and Romel Gomez

Effects of Seed Coating Methods on Germination of Medicago sativa in Different Moisture Stress Levels and Sowing Depths
Hamidreza Mehrabi, Sara Tavakkoli and Koslum Karami

Development and Test of a Functional Relationship on Groundwater Salinity Reduction
Lorcelie B. Taclan, Ireneo C. Agulto, Victorino T. Taylan, Melissa E. Agulto, Helen F. Gavino, Vitaliana U. Malamug and Jolly S. Balila

Formulation and Optimization of Herb-Flavored Sweetpotato-Chocolate Spread
Marife R. Hilapad and Roberta D. Lauzon

Modelling the Effect of Cellulase Loading and Substrate Concentration on Enzymatic Saccharification of Indian Mango (Mangifera indica) Peelings for Bioethanol Production
Elisa D. Gutierrez

International Research Journal

Dr. Diosdado "Dado" Banatao

Biosorption Mechanism of Wild Celery, Vallisneria natans towards Lead and its Effect on the Chlorophyll Content
Johnsy M. Aure and Merell P. Billacura

Regional Processing for Optical Character Recognition of Plain Text on Artistic Background (Image Processing and Pattern Recognition)
Francis G. Balazon and Ace Gregorre C. Bañares

Evaluation of the Antimicrobial Activity of Probiotic Lactobacillus casei Cell-Free Supernatant Extract against Escherichia coli ATCC 25922
Jonathan M. Barcelo

Image Analysis of Foliar Greenness for Quantifying Relative Plant Health
Anton Louise P. de Ocampo, Joseph B. Albo, and Kerish J. de Ocampo

The Influence of Fiber Density and Cellulose Content of Banana and Rice Straw Fibers on Fiber Processing and Flexural Strength
Benjamin C. Tobias and Loriejoy Andico

Flexural Strength of Consolidated Natural Fibers for Floor Tiles
Benjamin C. Tobias and Marilou S. Tomentos

Design, Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of a Potato Grader for Village Level Operations Prototype II
Marvin T. Valentin and Elmar M. Villota

Refrigerant Piping for Split-Type Airconditioning System: Software Automation
Josef Vill S. Villanueva

Effect of Different Extraction Conditions on the Yield of Pectin Extracted from Bilimbi
Reygan H. Sangalang

Synthesis of 14 C- labeled 6-(S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid for in vivo human metabolic studies
Hosea, Matel ; Janel, Owens ; David, Snyder ; A. Daniel, Jones ; Andrew, Clifford ; Krishnan, Nambiar

Natural Zeolite as Exhaust Filter for the Adsorption of Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbons, and Carbon Dioxide Emitted by a Motor Vehicle
Diosa Marie Aguila ; Zarah Mae Aday , Aliza Marie P. Delos Reyes , Alyanna Kate Palas , and Hazel May Ann M. Ruiz

A Simple and Differential Power Analysis Attack Resistance Circuit for Smart Card Reader Using an Integrated Power Spike Vanisher
Jeffrey Sarmiento

Design and Implementation of A Transformer Monitoring System for Batelec II
Oscar Bryan M. Magtibay and Alex B. Magboo

Comparative Analysis of Food Safety System of Food Laboratories of A State University
Rinalyn G. Magtibay; Shirley G. Cabrera

Development of Filament Extruder using Recycled Plastic Material for 3D Printer
Jen Aldwayne M. Banaag

ECHO: A WIFI – based Emergency Communication Platform
Edcel Torralba, Albertson D. Amante, and Albert Villena

Development and Acceptability of Nutribar With Gynura procumbens Powder
Maylen G. Eroa, Engelica C. De Castro, Noemi B. Lajara, and Mark Adrian H. Mondala

Utilization of Pineapple (Ananas comosus) Peels in the Production of Single Cell Protein Using Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Elisa D. Gutierrez, Melanie Joy D. Asi, Judea P. Banawa and Nikki C. Morete

Advisory and Real Time Monitoring System for Water Level of River Using Raspberry PI
Christine A. Luzon

Retrofitting Fractional-Order Dynamics to an Existing Feedback Control System: From Classical Proportional-Integral (PI) Control to Fractional-Order Proportional-Derivative (FOPD) Control
Emmanuel A. Gonzalez; AlekseiTepljakov, Concepcion A. Monje, and Ivo Petras

Wireless Sensor Node for Real—Time Sulfur Gas Emission Monitoring (Taal GEM)
Gina R.Eje

Wireless Acquisition for Vigilant Earthquake in the Sea (WAVES)
Albert Villena, Albertson Amante, Edcel Torralba

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